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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Have fun With CityVille!!!

its really fun playing cityville at facebook.. usually i easily get bored with game at facebook, like fishville, farmville.. and its not fun as cityville.. i also create a cityville's group at facebook, and the feedback is very good..

i got many neighbors and friends  from all over the world who love playing cityville at facebook.. the feeling playing cityville is different when i played other game before. i don't know why but, i'm happy and have fun when playing that game!!! hahahaaa

 Recently i got a game from my friends, jack and zack, they gave me this game: 'plants vs zombies'

this is game is very cute!!!!! hahahahaaaa.. the plants is cute, even the zombies are also very cute!!! but i'm not start play this game yet.. you know, because of works, i'm kind of busy right know and don't have time to play any games right now... why don't you guys play it first and give your opinions about this game. 

a little bit information about 'PLANTS VS ZOMBIES':
Plants vs Zombies is the Android version popular iPhone Game Plants vs Zombies. This is a strategy based where plants have to eliminate Zombies. Zombies of all types pour in from the right side of the screen. Using collected bits of sun as currency, you must buy and place various plants around the yard to stave off the groaning hordes. 

kindly, leave your comment k... huhuhu.. 

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