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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Bad news for me!!!!!

crap! i just know that my internship training end on 12th april! its very bad news for me.. coz on 11th April, i  need to start working! What should i do!!!!!??????

the training should end on 10th April but, the other student want to stay till 12th.. coz they thought we owe the company 2 days.. its not logic u know, coz 9th and 10th is  weekend. so, what do u think?? should we end on 8th April or 12th April????   OMG! sure its not appropriate if i leaving the company 2days earlier than others! for sure, i'll fail in this training! i want leave this company before she back from Greenland!

i want leave this company as soon as possible.. its very suck working here.. i don't know how mr.wan can keep up with that horrible ceo! the salary given is not worth with task she gave to the workers! poor the workers! poor mr.wan.. but i'm very proud with him coz able to work with that woman! even a single day after 10th, i dont want stay here anymore!

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